MNRWire is designed to make your message stand out in a sea of media noise.  We provide thousands of press members, online media outlets, bloggers, enthusiasts, and consumers direct access to the most engaging and dynamic elements of your message. Our inhouse production & creative team ensures that your message is represented at the highest level.  When combined with our targeting and distribution strategies MNRWire ensures that your brand has the power to be seen.


Come in and check out MNRWire's public media assets page.  This is where both the press and the consumer can come search for stories and retrieve your brand's assets.  Today's media and today's consumer are often one and the same.  Posting a public Multimedia New Release (MNR) maximizes your exposure as the potential audience is limitless.  If you would like to limit your assets to accredited members of the press only we do offer secured, password protected hosting.  Members of the press wishing to gain access to private MNRs can contact us here about receiving an access code.