An MNR is a next generation press release that integrates the most dynamic and engaging aspects of your message into a single online platform.  A webpage, custom designed to enhance your brand and engage viewers, is the backbone of your MNR.  Our MNRs can host a multiduce of assets including, broadcast-quality video & audio, approved stills, specialized blogger tools, social networking links, embedded YouTube videos and code, widgets, and "buy now" buttons that direct potential consumers directly to your storefront.  With an MNR your content is made available 24/7 to not only the media, but also to the general public, ensuring your message achieves maximum market saturation.  MNRs come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit your specific messaging needs.  But enough about us, reach out so we can discuss your specific needs.

Anybody who wants their messaging to be seen and re-used on the world's largest, and fastest growing, screen, the World Wide Web.  Our clients include, corporate brands, feature film studios, philanthropic organizations, fashion designers, trade shows, the medical community, and more.  

Media Relations, Targeting & Distribution.  What good is a flashy MNR if you can't get it in front of the right people?  Our highly effective media relations and outreach teams ensure that your message receives the exposure it deserves.  Learn more.

Monitoring & Measurement.  Besides generating brand awareness, one of the most valuable results of a PR campaign can be the data that it generates.  We have all the right tools to track your campaign's exposure and present you with a comprehensive report detailing who's viewing what, and where.  Learn more.

Production.  The most succesful MNRs are those that contain the most impactful content.  Our sister company, Evolution, is a market leader in media creation.  Our unique relationship ensures your messaging comes across in the highest fidelity possible.  Learn more.