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Reach For Reacher


Watch contestants battle it out to win a classic Chevelle SS muscle car just in time to celebrate the Blu-Ray and DVD Debut of Jack Reacher.

In anticipation of the May 7th Blu-ray and DVD debut of the action-packed thrill ride JACK REACHER, Paramount is giving fans the chance to win a classic and highly-collectible 1971 Chevelle SS Clone like the one featured in the film’s eye-popping car chase.  The cherry car has a rebuilt 350 4-speed 9 to 1 compression motor with 400+ horse power and a retail value of $45,000. 

A chosen few will find out if they have the same stamina, focus and physical strength of the film’s legendary anti-hero Jack Reacher.  All contestants will have to keep one hand on the car without leaning or squatting down, hour after grueling hour. They will also face tantalizing temptations to quit and increasingly brutal mental and physical challenges.  In the end, only one person will be left standing to win one of the baddest muscle cars on the planet.

Filled with heart-pounding action, thrills and a killer chase scene, JACK REACHER is a pure adrenaline rush that will blow you away with the velocity and ferocity of the action.  


May 8, 2013

3:45-4:00am ET / 12:45-1:00am PT

10:45-11:00am ET / 7:45-8:00am PT

Galaxy 28KU 613K Lower

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FEC: ¾

Modulation: DVBS QPSK

Trouble #: 310-287-3800


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