Following the initial spread of a global pandemic and the failure of both the grid and emergency services, a group of journalists from around the globe gathered in a remote area of Los Angeles to learn the skills they would need to survive in post-apocalyptic conditions.
This is their story.
Survival specialist Sam Sheridan, author of The Disaster Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse, provided critical survival tips, discussed the realities of coping with fear and stress and outlined the essentials of a bug out bag.  (

Actress Daniella Kertesz, who plays the pivotal role of the Israeli soldier Segen, described her experiences working alongside Brad Pitt to bring the worldwide blockbuster WORLD WAR Z to life.
Knife-fighting instructor and Grandmaster martial artist Mark Mikita demonstrated how to use anything as a weapon and put attendees through their paces in a simulated knife fight.  (

Chef and foraging coach Bryce Waring from Food Fetish, described indigenous wildlife and plants of the area to prepare attendees to hunt and forage for edible food.

WORLD WAR Z senior military technical advisor Freddie Joe Farnsworth brought home the reality of training.

Available now for Digital Download and arriving September 17, 2013 on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and On Demand, the worldwide blockbuster WORLD WAR Z is a completely original and breathtaking thrill ride featuring stunning visual effects and edge-of-your-seat action and suspense that take the Zombie apocalypse phenomenon to a more extreme and electrifying level.

WORLD WAR Z will be available on Blu-ray Combo or Blu-ray 3D Combo with an Unrated Cut packed with even more thrills and action too intense for theaters, along with the theatrical version of the film.  The combo packs boast in-depth looks at the making of the film, the seamless blending of practical and digital effects, the science behind the Zombie outbreak and much more. 

When: Thursday, September 12th

4:00-7:00 p.m.

Where: The post-apocalyptic landscape of LA’s Old Zoo

Meet at the Picnic Area

Griffith Park Drive, Los Angeles

Trailhead coordinates: 34.13527, -118.286357

From Griffith Park Drive continue a quarter mile and turn left into a parking area just before the road bends to the right. There is a row of parking spaces by the turnoff and more parking as you drive into the picnic area.

*Depending on your hunting and foraging skills, refreshments & sustenance will be provided